Awesome Work!

I was very impressed with the service I received here. They were very prompt in calling me when my vehicle was ready and the work was done in a timely manner, not to mention the friendly customer service I received. Thank you Aamco!

Great Service!

I Had my transmission rebuilt at Aamco on Morena Blvd, and the service after the sale was great. The Staff was helpful with all my questions. I would reccomend Aamco for all your Auto needs.

I wouldn’t trust my car with anyone else!

The people at AAMCO were outstanding. They aren’t out to scam you and my car is running like a dream. You can tell they really want to help you. I would recommend their service to anyone.

Gotta go to AAMCO!!!

When the transmission on my mini van was acting up I took it to a auto shop and was told all I needed was a transmission service. Well after wasting $115.00 for this service my transmission was nowhere near running good. Finally I went to Aamco where I should have went first. We had a great experience and we had our van back in 4 days. Now it is running like new. I would recommend Aamco to anyone looking for good service the first time around.

Great Service

They provide great service with a smile and were able to work out a payment arrangement which made it less stressful on us. Now days it’s hard to find experts dedicated to giving the consumer their all and I feel that we got it from Aamco in Mission Bay.

Stands by Service

After 6 months siting our 1997 Jetta transmission was shifting badly. The BG had rebuilt the unit 2 years previously and even though the warrenty had expired they repaired it at no cost and performed other service at very competative prices. High marks!

Customer Service

I needed transmission workd after only 65K on a Camry. Robbyn (gen mgr) patiently answered all my questions and went above & beyond to help with my efforts to claim the damage as a result of a recent accident. After the work was complete, I had some problems with rough idle. Robbyn made a quick appt, and even though they determined it was nt due to their work, they fixed it anyway!

best experience ever

they where extremly helpful,very knowledgable,and very good service. And we felt they went above and beyond.



You saved me a few hundred on a repair that another shop quoted me more than a thousand dollars on! You guys all rock there and did amazing customer service!!!


You guys will have my wifes’ car done this on Monday. We went to two other places, because the tranny seemed to have a delay in shifting. They both wanted to put in a new one and you are simply replacing a sensor and cable for less then $200.00. I nearly had a hear attack when you told me how much I would be saving. I will NEVER see another company again for a transmission issue!!

I keep going back

This has been my sole auto shop for 7 years. I am so excited that they now do full service and not just transmissions. They undoubtedly did the best work and backed it with the best warranty I could find. Their rates were slightly (I stress Slightly) higher, but I got the best possible parts and the best possible certified mechanics. They worked with me to finance the job too. This is why I will continue to return there and recommend it to everyone.


They gave me great service and really broke down why I needed the work down. Very reasonable prices

I love this shop.

The employees have consistently been kind, courteous, and professional. Every time I bring in my car, they always try to find a way to save me money. I brought my ‘99 Passat in for a tune up and the initial estimate was around $250, if I remember correctly. When he finished, I was promptly called, and he said the spark plugs were in great condition, and they didn’t need to be replaced so I would only be charged $188. There are few times in my life that I have been happier. Normally, I believe less trustworthy shops would have replaced the spark plugs anyway and then charged me an arm and a leg for the parts/labor. Not this shop. Love these guys and I don’t trust anyone else with my car.

I just have to say thanks to AAMCO for keeping me happy.

I drive a 1957 Chevrolet and it is a daily driver. I took my car to them when I first bought it and I was not expecting miracles for it was a 50 year old car and I understood that as well. I had them rebuild my 2 speed powerglide and I drove it for a while then it started to act up on me so again back I go to get it fixed and after taking the car to them numerous times I spoke to the owner Bob and stated that I would like a 700r4 installed in place of the powerglide Bob, Rafael and Tim, took very good care of me and replaced it with the 700r4 trans. and it now runs perfect. Thanks for all your help.

I took my SUV to Aamco about 4 weeks ago to have the transmission replaced. Actually, they towed it to their business at no charge to me. They were professional and did great work. It didn’t take longer than expected; although I had no expectations and was not up-side-down without transportation. All-in-all, it took about 5 business days to diagnose and complete the work. Again, I was not in an emergency/crisis situation w/o my SUV, but one area they could have been better…. communication. I found myself calling them more than they called me to get status updates.

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